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Ankle Replacement

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  • Independent walking delayed in infants with idiopathic clubfoot treated with Ponseti method

    Infants with idiopathic clubfoot treated using the Ponseti method achieved independent walking approximately 2 months later compared with infants without clubfoot deformity, according to study results. Researchers evaluated 94 patients with idiopathic clubfoot who were full-term at birth, were no more than 12 weeks of age at the start of treatment, had received no prior […]

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  • Patients with DIACF experienced superior results with operative treatment

    In the management of displaced intra-articular calcaneal fractures, patients with light labor and no secondary gains had superior results with operative treatment with restoration of Böhler angle and articular surface, according to study results. Eighty-two patients with CT-verified displaced intraarticular calcaneal fractures (DIACFs) were initially randomly assigned to undergo operative treatment with open reduction and […]

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  • Gender, level of sports participation associated with daily pain in adolescents

    Nearly two out of three Danish adolescents reported pain during physical activity, and one out of three reported pain in more than one body region, with female sex and high level of sports participation associated with an increased odds of having daily and multi-site pain, according to study results. In a population-based, cross-sectional study, researchers […]

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  • Multiple predictors of unstable syndesmotic SER ankle fractures identified

    Fracture height, medial joint space and bone attenuation were determined to be useful predictors of unstable syndesmotic SER-type ankle fractures, according to a study. The retrospective study included 191 patients who underwent surgical fixation of SER-type ankle fractures. Age, sex and mechanism of injury (ie, low- or high-energy trauma), as well as radiographs and CT […]

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  • Talar body prosthesis provides satisfactory ankle, foot function

    Even with the possibility of early prosthesis failure, survival of the talar body prosthesis can provide satisfactory ankle and foot function, according to study results. Researchers reviewed 33 talar body prostheses implanted with use of a transmalleolar surgical approach that were available for follow-up at 10 to 36 years, or had failed prior to that […]

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  • MRI reveals range of soft-tissue abnormalities in treatment-resistant clubfoot

    Patients with treatment-resistant clubfoot exhibited a range of soft-tissue abnormalities on MRI, according to study results. MRI of the lower extremities was acquired for 20 patients with clubfoot treated with the Ponseti method, of which seven had treatment-responsive clubfoot and 13 had treatment-resistant clubfoot. Researchers recorded demographic information and physical examination findings and performed a […]

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  • Multilayer compression therapy reduces ankle, hindfoot edema more quickly

    Source:Healio A faster reduction of ankle and hindfoot edema resulted from multilayer compression therapy and may be an alternative treatment for patients with ankle and hindfoot fractures, according to study results. In a controlled, single-blinded study, researchers randomly assigned 58 patients with unilateral ankle or hindfoot fractures to a cold pack control group, a multilayer […]

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